Peter A Noble - Interdisciplinary Scientist

Current Research Projects

1. Some living organisms are immortal while others are not. Why? Collaborators: Dr. Alex Pozhitkov at City of Hope Beckman Research Center.

2. Patterns in structured and unstructured electronic medical records.

3. Visualization of transcript/protein systems in response to postmortem stress. Optimized for Chrome browser.

  Red: increased abundance relative to baseline

  Blue: decreased abundance relative to baseline

  Black: No significance difference in abundance for liver ANOVA results

  Transcript Dynamics in PostMortem Mouse Brain [mp4_video][webm_video][ogv_video]

  Transcript Dynamics in PostMortem Mouse Liver [mp4_video][webm_video][ogv_video]

  Protein Dynamics in PostMortem Mouse Mandible [mp4_video][webm_video][ogv_video]